It turns out that as a Tank R&B Money was released to a warm response from listeners, Sean “Diddy” Combs sparked a conversation about whether there’s still life to the genre. A question posed by Diddy regarding the death of R&B has taken over the internet as people, fans and pros, debated the hot topic. There was a time in music history when the industry existed on the back of R&B and Soul, but these days genres don’t hold as much weight as they once did.

The tank was stopped by a TMZ cameraman and asked if receiving his record proved that R&B was alive and well. “It proves that R&B isn’t dead to me,” Tank replied. “But that doesn’t prove R&B as a whole isn’t dead.”

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Stringer/Getty Images

“We are still disconnected from the mainstream – I shout to you, TMZ, for giving us that mainstream look and continuing that conversation in the mainstream, but we need more of that. Not only me, not only [Chris Brown], not just Usher, we need all of us. We need more. When a song like [Boyz II Men’s] ‘End of the road’ or [Jodeci’s] ‘Forever My Lady’ tops the 100 charts for a male R&B singer? When? It should be now. So kudos to Puff.”

Tank agreed that R&B as a whole was “in decline,” as the cameraman suggested, and added, “Give us back our space.”

Jamie Foxx’s appearance at Tank’s R&B Money The release party had fans clamoring for more music from the multi-hyphenate star. Tank said he, too, has been “praying” Foxx for new hits for years, but it seems the actor’s focus is elsewhere for now.

Check out the brief chat below.