West Papua Separatist Group Attacks Killed Many Workers

Since many years ago, the free west Papua movement is considered as a challenge that the Indonesian governments have to deal with. That is because there are still some groups in Papua that wants to separate from Indonesia. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is still happening even though there are a lot of people who are happy enough to live in Papua as one part of Indonesia. To make it even worse, there was an attack that killed many workers who have the duty to build the Trans Papua Road. This is something totally intolerable because all of those people are working to help Papua to be better in the future.

This attack happened on the beginning of December 2018. For your information, the movement has not been seen for some times. That is why based on the west Papua news, the group has been said as something extinct. That is also one reason why the Indonesian President has decided to make the Trans Papua road to give the better facilities to all of the people in Papua. Unfortunately, when the project is reaching the last half stage, there was an incident. There was shooting of the workers who work on the project of the Trans Papua Road.

This is something that many people cannot accept because there are a lot of victims. As an addition to that, the separatist group was said to be the one who did the attack. This is one thing that can simply trigger another west Papua conflict that has been calmed for many years. That is because many of the workers are afraid of their safety. On the other hand, the government have to finish the project so that the Trans Papua Road can be finished based on the schedule and help the life of the people in Papua.

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