Tips for Traveling to Mount Bromo with Family and Friends

Tips for Traveling to Mount Bromo with Family and Friends – Hearing Bromo’s name seems to be no stranger to the ears of local or foreign tourists. Bromo itself is a mountainous region that has a volcano called Mount Bromo. The location of Bromo belongs to the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

The main tourism object when visiting Bromo is Bromo Volcano which is still active. In addition, the presence of a sea of ​​sand, temples and so on can also be the choice of destination when visiting Bromo. Bromo is an exotic tourist location located in four regencies in East Java. The four districts are Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang and Malang.

To be able to get to the tourist sites themselves, there are various ways that tourists can use, both local and foreign tourists. If you are interested in scheduling your vacation, head to the tourist area of ​​Bromo. So some of the Travel Tips to Bromo below can be a reference section that you will need later.

Tips for Traveling to Mount Bromo with Family and Friends

Tips for Traveling to Mount Bromo with Family and Friends

1. Transportation

For those of you who already have plans to travel to Bromo, there are various transportation options that you can use to reach the entrance to the Bromo tour itself. The first transportation option is to use a motorcycle. Usually, many local tourists who reside in East Java prefer to use this two-wheeled transportation, because of the proximity of the location to the entrance of the Bromo tour.

In addition to land transportation in the form of motorbikes, four-wheeled vehicles in the form of cars can you use to go to the entrance of tourist sites. After the car, for those of you who live outside East Java or very far from East Java, you can use land transportation in the form of a train with the final destination of the station in the city of Malang.

After arriving in front of the main entrance to the Bromo tour, you can use transportation in the form of a jeep provided by the manager. This is because the road that you are going to pass is the sea of ​​sand, where if you use your personal vehicle, then what will happen is that your vehicle cannot be run because of traffic jams in the area of ​​the sand sea.

2. Destinations

After arriving at the destination, there are many tourist destinations that you can surround and also enjoy. The main destination that is clearly very attractive is Mount Bromo itself which is still active. To be able to enjoy the nuances of Mount Bromo, you can ride it using approximately 1000 steps built on the slopes of Mount Bromo.

In addition, still around the location of Bromo, there is a large temple temple. Because the people there still respect the existing customs, this great temple is still used for worship until now. You can enjoy it while looking directly at the charm of Mount Bromo that looks close to the temple.

After the temple, do not miss the sea of ​​Bromo sand which has always been one of the attractive tourist destinations for local or foreign tourists. In this vast sand sea area, you can use the facilities in the form of a horse that is rented until the jeep is a pleasure to go around enjoying the beauty of Mount Bromo.

Then do not miss for those of you who plan to stay around the location, so do not forget to see the beautiful sunrise which is still located in the area of ​​the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. You can enjoy the beauty of sunrise along with baying baying from the charming Mount Bromo.

3. Lodging

Traveling to a place, of course, also requires accommodation for you to do a temporary rest together with your family or friends. So than that you can use lodging lodgings built in the homes of residents who are around Bromo tourist sites. In the tourist area of ​​Bromo, hotels will be very rarely found, so to stay you can use the accommodation inside the residents’ house.

Such are some tips that you can make reference when you want to plan to travel to Bromo. In addition to these tips, you can also use services such as travel agents, Mount Bromo tour package and so on. In addition to the costs that have been set and can be said to be cheaper than having to make a personal trip. Even the best destination destruction is usually set by the travel agency.

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