Imprisoned Tourist in West Papua on Charges of Treachery Wait for Trial

West Papua News – international media was made uproar over Indonesia’s movements to arrest a Polish citizen, Jakub Fabian Skrzypski (39), on August 26th, 2018. Many of the accusations testify that Jakub is actually just a reporter who was caught making contact with pro-independences. This incident is associated with the issue of Free West Papua Campaign since it is a sensitive substance between Indonesia and international media. Subsequently,  what is the furtherance of the case now?

Jakub Fabian is not a journalist and this is the fact since there is no evidence that brings his status as a journalist until now. The national media ( collected in early November  reported  that a file belonging to Fabian Skrzypski has been established by The High Prosecutor’s Office, a Polish who was imprisoned for being sold the shells to the pro-independence of Free Papua Group on August 26, 2018.

Having found the evidence such as: 1 unit of handphone HTC brand, 1 Indosat brand SIM Card (Mentari), a transcript of a suspect’s conversation document, a document about the TPN/OPM struggle, 104 items 5.56 mm caliber ammunition, and 35 pieces of 9 mm caliber ammunition, police were gradually persuaded that Skrzypski was a suspect in a treason case in West Papua conflict.

Here are layered articles entwined for Fabian:

  1. Article of 106th about the Criminal Code in regard of treason,
  2. Article of 110th according to the consensus that one of the delinquencies described in Articles 104, 106, 107 and 108 was penalized in similar manners as the delinquency, the threat of punishment is based on the alleged article.

3.Article of 111th of the KUHP Bis to 1e of the Criminal Code.

Skrzypski protested continually by writing a letter about the condition of the prison where he was detained and his refusal to experience a trial in Wamena. However, evidence has carried him a lot towards the judiciary and he is indeed a suspect in this treason case.


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