Cemara Indah Hotel Bromo Best Choise Stay Near Bromo

Cemara Indah Hotel Bromo is one of the most complete lodging in the area of ​​Mount Bromo, with a variety of facilities available and incredible views. The location of the inn is very strategic and easy to reach can be traveled with all types of vehicles such as Avanza, xenia, Elf, Hiace and others.

The location of the hotel is 100 meters to the entrance of Mount Bromo and the atmosphere of the hotel is very cool and attractive because it is close to Mount Bromo.

Cemara Indah Hotel Bromo Best Choise Stay Near Bromo

Cemara Indah Hotel Bromo Best Choise Stay Near Bromo

Complete address Cemara Indah Bromo Hotel on Cemara Lawang Street, Cemoro Lawang Village, Ngadisari, Sukapura, Probolinggo, East Java The rates for staying at this hotel are quite affordable, starting from Rp. 250 thousand.


1. Bedroom capacity of 2-4 people per room

2, Restorant

3. Family room

4. Bathroom (hot water + Cold water)

5. TV

6. Large parking area

7. Strategic location and very easy to reach

8. Beautiful scenery, cool safe and comfortable

9. Location close to Mount Bromo tourist attractions

And for the sake of completing and fulfilling the needs of visitors while on vacation on Mount Bromo again We present additional facilities for our lodging at a fixed price.

“” “FREE WIFI” “”

In addition to providing lodging accommodations near Bromo, we also provide bromo tour package, and surrounding areas. The location of the hotel is not only close to Mount Bromo but also close to several other locations, such as Madakaripura Waterfall, Semeru Volcano, and Ranu Kumbolo Lake .

From Juanda Airport to the location of the hotel can be reached for 3 hours. If departing from the city of Probolinggo it takes 45 minutes. The road to Probolinggo is good. Cemara Indah Hotel is a great place to visit Mount Bromo. The hotel has a direct view of Mount Bromo. It has several types of rooms: standard twin / double rooms, deluxe twin / double rooms and superior rooms.

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