5 Tips You Should To Know Before To Mount Ijen Crater

5 Tips You Should To Know Before To Mount Ijen Crater. Traveling to a new place requires careful preparation, because don’t get when we get to the destination, not the pleasure we get but the trouble. Especially if we aim to travel to Mount. Besides being physical we also have to prepare supporting equipment. Here are 5 tips to ijen crater:

5 Tips You Should To Know Before To Mount Ijen Crater

5 Travel Tips To Mount Ijen Crater

1. Prepare physically

To reach the Peak of Ijen Crater we are required to walk 3 km. The average travel time of climbers is 2 hours to ride. Although it looks close and easy, we need to prepare physically first. Especially for those of you who very rarely exercise or beginner climbers.

A few days before beratakat is recommended for light exercise. Take a leisurely walk or jog to stretch your muscles. Because if you are physically ready, the trip to the top will feel fun and not feel heavy.

2. Bring the equipment needed

The next tip of the 5 Tips to Ijen Crater is to prepare the necessary equipment. The equipment here depends on your needs. Do not carry equipment that you feel is unnecessary. Some equipment that must be carried is:

  • Mask . Mask here if you can bring a good mask. A type of N95 mask or respirator mask
  • Flashlight.This one tool is trivial but very important. The ascent of Ijen Crater which began at night made the road very dark. Bring a flashlight or at least Flashlight from your mobile.
  • Snack . This is also important, above the top of the crater there is no stall or restaurant. So to block your stomach after a heavy climb, take a light snack. Minimal bread or something sweet to add calories.

3. Use the services of a local guide

If you are a beginner and have never climbed, then use the services of a local guide who is there. Because besides being able to help you during the climb, this Local Guide can also accompany you when climbing. One that can make you fail when climbing is weak intention because it is too tired. And this is the role of guide to motivate you when you feel unable.

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In addition you will be helped to find a quiet photo spot from people and tips to the Ijen crater that is rarely known to others. You will feel closer to the location you visit when you socialize with the local community. Or if you don’t want to be confused by all the preparations above, use a credible ijen crater tour service.

4. Prepare enough money

Don’t carry large amounts of money when traveling. Or separate your money, don’t put it in one place. Because you here will meet various people from various backgrounds. Just in case you don’t mean badly, keep your money in a safe place. It’s not funny if you lose money and don’t have a backup when you go home.

5. Piss first

Last but not least, pee and PUP first before going up to Ijen Crater. Tips on this Ijen Crater are ridiculous but important. Because above you will not find public toilets. The existence of natural toilets. Open toilets that are only men who can do it. We also provide packages for ijen crater tour packages. This tour is packed in a relaxed and non-binding way. We all will provide the need for trekking to the Ijen crater. For deteail please visit https://ijenbromotour.com/ .

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