5 Tips You Should To Know Before To Mount Ijen Crater

5 Tips You Should To Know Before To Mount Ijen Crater. Traveling to a new place requires careful preparation, because don’t get when we get to the destination, not the pleasure we get but the trouble. Especially if we aim to travel to Mount. Besides being physical we also have to prepare supporting equipment. Here are 5 tips to ijen crater:

5 Tips You Should To Know Before To Mount Ijen Crater

5 Travel Tips To Mount Ijen Crater

1. Prepare physically

To reach the Peak of Ijen Crater we are required to walk 3 km. The average travel time of climbers is 2 hours to ride. Although it looks close and easy, we need to prepare physically first. Especially for those of you who very rarely exercise or beginner climbers.

A few days before beratakat is recommended for light exercise. Take a leisurely walk or jog to stretch your muscles. Because if you are physically ready, the trip to the top will feel fun and not feel heavy.

2. Bring the equipment needed

The next tip of the 5 Tips to Ijen Crater is to prepare the necessary equipment. The equipment here depends on your needs. Do not carry equipment that you feel is unnecessary. Some equipment that must be carried is:

  • Mask . Mask here if you can bring a good mask. A type of N95 mask or respirator mask
  • Flashlight.This one tool is trivial but very important. The ascent of Ijen Crater which began at night made the road very dark. Bring a flashlight or at least Flashlight from your mobile.
  • Snack . This is also important, above the top of the crater there is no stall or restaurant. So to block your stomach after a heavy climb, take a light snack. Minimal bread or something sweet to add calories.

3. Use the services of a local guide

If you are a beginner and have never climbed, then use the services of a local guide who is there. Because besides being able to help you during the climb, this Local Guide can also accompany you when climbing. One that can make you fail when climbing is weak intention because it is too tired. And this is the role of guide to motivate you when you feel unable.

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In addition you will be helped to find a quiet photo spot from people and tips to the Ijen crater that is rarely known to others. You will feel closer to the location you visit when you socialize with the local community. Or if you don’t want to be confused by all the preparations above, use a credible ijen crater tour service.

4. Prepare enough money

Don’t carry large amounts of money when traveling. Or separate your money, don’t put it in one place. Because you here will meet various people from various backgrounds. Just in case you don’t mean badly, keep your money in a safe place. It’s not funny if you lose money and don’t have a backup when you go home.

5. Piss first

Last but not least, pee and PUP first before going up to Ijen Crater. Tips on this Ijen Crater are ridiculous but important. Because above you will not find public toilets. The existence of natural toilets. Open toilets that are only men who can do it. We also provide packages for ijen crater tour packages. This tour is packed in a relaxed and non-binding way. We all will provide the need for trekking to the Ijen crater. For deteail please visit https://ijenbromotour.com/ .

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How to Enjoy Your Bromo Tour Package at Its Most

How to Enjoy Your Bromo Tour Package at Its Most . The fact that Bromo is one of popular destinations in East Java; it makes sense to find people out there expect great things from this place. Actually, there is a long list of things to do while you are in Bromo. Those who prefer to join Bromo tour package will be offered wide range of options, ranging from nice and refreshing package for whole family to thrilling adventure for your adrenaline. In case you love something challenging, here are some suggested ways to enjoy your vacation.

How to Enjoy Your Bromo Tour Package at Its Most

Witnessing the mesmerizing sunrise might be a typical thing to do that’s offered by Bromo tour package. In a matter of fact, you can choose something more challenging than taking a jeep to the peak. Hiking lets you to have unforgettable adventure while chasing the sunrise. With the breathtaking surrounding beauty that you can find all the way to the peak, hiking would be worthwhile. However, make sure you are not late to catch the sunrise. Make a plan when to start hiking according to your body fitness as well as your hiking speed. Besides, taking a tour guide with you is recommended so that you will not get lost.

Bromo Tour Package

Another adventure to enjoy the magnificent Bromo is by horse riding. It sounds quite easy, however the sandy terrain needs you to be careful while controlling the horse. No need to be afraid if you are not really familiar with this kind of sport. Many keepers are ready to help you. While you are riding the horse, the keeper will hold the lead rope so everything is under control. Furthermore, what can be better than enjoying a cup of coffee in a cool climate? Surely you can do this with desired mount bromo tour package. After challenging your adrenaline, this is the time to relax. A cup of coffee is worthwhile, accompanied by indulging beauty in your surroundings.

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Vacation To Bromo Using Tour Packages

Vacation To Bromo Using Tour Packages. Holiday to bromo from abroad would be more practical if using bromo tour packages. As it is well known that during the weekdays the activities are very full of the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, and of course circumstances like this will make people need a holiday to refresh themselves from the tired of daily activities. Bromo is one of the most favored tourist destinations for foreign tourists from various regions abroad, because this place will make the visitors pampered with beautiful scenery.

Vacation To Bromo Using Tour Packages

Vacation To Bromo Using Tour Packages

Tours and scenery from this bromo mountain will be able to make someone fascinated with the beauty that can be seen from various angles of view. Especially for people who like challenges with mountain climbing, then this mountain will be a very interesting destination. After seeing the busyness of the capital city, will be very special when interspersed with climbing bromo mountain struggle to see with their own eyes the beauty and splendor of the peak view of bromo. Not only climbing can be done on this very special mountain. Mount bromo also has a savanna grassland is very beautiful and will make the eyes pampered with a splendor of green scenery that lies in plain sight.

When loving a unique tour, in this mountain also there is savanna grassland that will make all eyes fascinated. No one thought that in the volcano area there is still a vast expanse of charming meadows, bromo mount gives such a view in its real version and a much more beautiful version. By looking at this savanna, people will be made to feel the coolness of the morning air in the mountains.

Easy access if you want to travel from your country. Because the location of the mountain bromo not far from the international airport surabaya surabaya. All the conveniences will be obtained when using the tour package, as all have been facilitated with complete accommodation. All the beauty that is in bromo will be easier and practical when following the tour plans when using the services of bromo tour packages such as website surabayabromotour.com.

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Mount Rinjani Trekking Guide and Making Decisions

Knowing the right Mount Rinjani trekking guidecan be quite useful if you are looking for a challenging but memorable holiday experience. Going to Rinjani isn’t like your regular holiday – you won’t find mushy or regular holiday experience. On the contrary, you will be challenged physically and yet you will also be rewarded with some of the best views in the world. So, what should you prepare first?

About Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is the second highest mountain in Indonesia, located in Lombok – a small island in the eastern area of Indonesia. Lombok has an international airport, which you can access from your home. In the event that you can’t fly directly to Lombok from your place, you can always fly to Jakarta first or to Bali. From there, you can access the boat to Lombok. From that point, there are two options to go to the mountain.

First of all, you can access Mount Rinjani from Senaru located in the western Lombok. It takes around 3 hours of drive from Lombok airport to Mount Rinjani. The second access is through Sembalun, which is located in the eastern Lombok. It takes around 2.5 hours to reach the mountain. If you are wondering, which route you should take, well, your Mount Rinjani trekking guidedepends on which peak you want to go.

Which to Choose?

If you are looking forward to reach the summit first, Sembalun would be your first option. It’s not as challenging as Senaru, but it will take you to the top right away. If you aren’t hurried by time limit, on the contrary, choose Senaru. The route is shaded and more beautiful although you will need around 3 days to reach the top.

If you are looking for more complete information about Lombok and Mount Rinjani, contact the trusted agent or service. They should be able to provide a complete info about Mount Rinjani trekking guideand help you get there.

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